• ADEX Systems: Simple, reliable and profitable control solutions for complex plants
  • Energy Process Control

    Coal Fired Power Plant

    50% reduction in temperature excursions

  • Energy Process Control

    Combined Cycle Plant

    50% reduction in temperature SD

    Full automated operation

  • Energy Process Control

    Biomass Plant

    Significant combustion stability increase

    More than 1% increase in produced net energy

  • Petrochemical Process Control

    pH Control

    75% reduction in pH excursions

  • Petrochemical Process Control

    Sulphur Recovery

    Precise control of SH2:SO2 ratio in tail gas

  • Petrochemical Process Control

    Naphta Splitter

    79% reduction of top column pressure SD

    50% reduction of splitter temperature SD

  • Aerospace Process Control

    Adaptive Self-Tuning Flight Control System

    Able to adapt to uncertainties

    Excellent performance, even under severe perturbations.

  • Aerospace Process Control

    Test Bed Laboratories

    70% tuning time reduction for shaft fatigue test

  • Composites Process Control

    Resin Transfer Molding RTM

    80% reduction in temperature SD

    25 % reduction of production cycle

  • Nuclear Process Control

    Particle Accelerator

    Robust and precise control under perturbations

  • Cement Process Control

    Cement Mill

    2,1 to 10,3% energy savings

    Full automated operation

  • Cement Process Control

    Cooler Control

    10% increased Heat Transfer

    50% reduction of Heat Transfer SD

  • Environmental Process Control

    Wastewater Treatment Plants

    15 to 23% energy consumption reduction

    Significant water quality improvement

  • Environmental Process Control

    Wastewater Carrousel Plants

    30% energy consumption reduction

  • Food Process Control

    Chocolate Tempering Process

    Rejections reduction of 5% of production

    20% energy savings

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ADEX Benefits

Many industrial processes function under varying operating conditions, and this generally presents a problem for the design of the control system.

Effectively, both conventional and advanced control systems currently operating in industry are designed incorporating fixed parameters. These parameters can be adjusted to meet specific operating conditions but when these conditions vary, the process dynamics changes and the performance of the control system deteriorates, resulting in oscillations and instability.

The ADEX controller incorporates an adaptive mechanism that carries out a real time process dynamics identification and a controller parameter self-tuning adjustment that avoids deterioration of control performance when operating conditions or process dynamics change. It predicts, guides and stabilizes the evolution of process variables in a desired way, and customizes the controller configuration for the various process domains of operation to yield what is defined as Optimized Adaptive Control Performance.

An optimized control system is able to drive the process variables along desired trajectories by using suitably bounded control signals, and achieve and maintain in real time process stability in their optimal operating points, in spite of changes in process dynamics and operational context, and the presence of noise and perturbations.

ADEX Optimized Adaptive Control Systems are characterized by utilizing optimized control strategies which integrate ADEX controllers in such a way that they are capable of auto-adjusting to changes in the process dynamics and operational context (anticipated or not), compensate for the effects of noise and perturbations (measurable or unmeasurable) acting on industrial processes, and provide the performance and stability of an optimized control system, minimizing energy consumption and emissions while maximizing productivity and equipment integrity.

Adaptive Predictive Expert Control (ADEX) methodology with world wide patents and applied successfully in over 150 industrial processes. Prediction mechanism supported by self-learning adaptation in real time providing precise control even under influence of perturbations and varying process dynamics. Combines expert control with adaptive predictive control for better management, robustness and flexibility, incorporating plant knowledge.

• Higher process efficiency and stability.
• Better and more consistent product quality, reduced wastage and reduced energy costs.
• Adapts automatically to changing process dynamics, process dead times, non-linearity, interactions and perturbations.
• Quick and simple to install. No need for upfront modelling. No need for programming. Simple configuration steps only.
• Simple to operate and minimum training required. No need for on-line tuning.
• Minimises process upsets reducing alarms, eases diagnostics and drastically reduces abnormal operation of equipment.
• Significant improvements in reliability and asset integrity.
• Flexible. Works easily with the existing DCS & PLCs. Can also be embedded in applications.
Original patent on Adaptive Predictive Control:
The first claim introduced Predictive Control
Adaptive Predictive Control CIP patent:
It introduced the Prediction Horizon Extension
Adaptive Predictive Expert Control patent:
It added Expert Intelligence to the Previous Art
The first book on Adaptive Predictive Control (APC) methodology and applications was published in Spanish by the Juan March Foundation of Spain in 1978.
The third book on APC introduced Adaptive Predictive Expert Control (ADEX). It was published in Spanish by the Open University of Spain (UNED) in 2005.
The first article on Adaptive Predictive control, “A new Solution to Adaptive Control”, was highlighted on the cover of a Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE in August 1976.
The second book on APC was publshed by Prentice Hall in 1996. It presented the update on methodology, stability theory and industrial applications of APC systems.
A Special Issue on “Industrial Optimized Adaptive Control” was published by the International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing in October 2012.
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ADEX-SGAP project

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (MINETUR) finances the ADEX-SGAP project for the optimized control of critical processes with high performance.

SEP 2018

ADEX systems in Bocamina Central Plan (Chile)

ADEX consolidates its international expansion with two new projects in Chile

DEC 18, 2018

ADEX Training Course

ADEX, S.A. offers training courses for our clients, business partners and academic/research partners.

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