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What We Do

What We Do

Industrial Optimized Adaptive Control Systems

We developed, implement and apply industrial optimized control systems to processes in a wide variety of industrial areas. These systems are able to drive the process variables through desired trajectories to their optimal performance operating points, where they stabilize the process operation in spite of changes in process dynamics, context of operation and noise and perturbations acting on the process. The results are maximization of economic performance, reliability and safety, and minimization of energy consumption, emissions and environmental impact, and resources needed for maintenance.

Our research team has more than 30 years of ongoing R&D activity in the area of Optimized process control, leading to the introduction and industrial application of Predictive, Adaptive Predictive & ADEX control methodologies. For more information, see the Publications section in the Information Center.

Platforms for Developing and Implementing Industrial Optimized Control Systems

Engineering practice has demonstrated that the use of optimized adaptive controllers integrated in the correct optimized control strategy can stabilize the process operation and achieve optimized control in Industry. As a part of our R&D activity, we have developed software and hardware platforms for the design, development and application of optimized control systems control, based on optimized control strategies that integrate ADEX controllers. These systems can operate in parallel or embedded in the local control system (see Systems & Platforms for more information).

Engineering Support for Overall Plant Optimization

Our engineers can also support our clients to find and define solutions for the overall optimization of their plants, especially with regards to areas such as logistics, maintenance, instrumentation and process design.

ADEX Know-How Transfer

Courses to transfer the know-how of ADEX technology are periodically taught for the engineers of ADEX clients and partners, so that these engineers can learn how to use the technology as a tool for the optimization of their plants and the development of ADEX systems (see Partnership Opportunities for more information).

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