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ADEX Industry Overview

ADEX optimized adaptive control systems solve a wide range of industrial control problems, stabilizing process operation and maximizing performance

ADEX controllers are an essential tool for optimized adaptive control systems, since they can adapt to changing dynamics and operating conditions, even when the process is unpredictable. There is no need for upfront modeling or constant tuning. The only requirement is that there is some kind of cause-effect mechanism and that the control lies within the physical possibilities of the equipment. In this section we provide an overview of the benefits that can be derived from the application of ADEX technology to industial plants in areas such as energy, aerospace, petrochemical, water, cement, metallurgical, pulp & paper and oil & gas.

Entering each of the areas you will find case studies that describe the application of optimized adaptive control systems to challenging processes, illustrating the design of optimal control strategies, the performance of ADEX controllers and the actual benefits derived in real time.

Biological processes for purifying water, irrigation canals, and many other environmental processes are notoriously difficult to control.

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