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ADEX starts on the development of the CAI-LAMS Project

APR 2017

A new ADEX project called “Central Adaptive Intelligence for the Production of Large Advanced Material Structures (CAI-LAMS)” is focused on the design and development of a new product for optimising the fabrication of large composite material structures. Advanced, innovative composite material is becoming increasingly predominant in the fabrication of all types of structures (aeronautical, naval, wind turbines, etc.).

The new ADEX product will enable the control of critical fabrication process variables, predicting their evolution, adapting to changes in dynamics and to perturbations acting on them, all in accordance with optimization criteria. The aim is to create a product able to reduce fabrication time, avoid overheating due to exothermic reactions within the composite material, avoid rejection of the material due to structural material damage, and finally, reduce energy costs of the production process.

The development of this new product will deliver a CAI-LAMS prototype which can be integrated into any automation system designed for this kind of process and optimise its performance leading to 1) Reduced operating costs, 2) Increased production capacity, 3) Guaranteed complete automation, 4) Elimination of rejections, 5) Elimination of waste proliferation and 6) Minimisation of operator intervention.

This project, which has an expected duration of 18 months and a budget of 250.000€ will be supported by collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Control of the UNED together with companies involved in large composite material structures.

The project has been presented to the Community of Madrid and the European Regional Development Fund for financing within the project scope of Research, Technology Development and Innovation (R+D+i).

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