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Biofouling Control for ENEL Coastal Plant

FEB 2018

ADEX will develop a control system able to counteract the biofouling growing on condenser surface and to enhance the thermal efficiency of cooling system at the ENEL coastal plant in Brindisi. The biofouling growing is a generic problem for coastal plants that use sea water in the cooling system. The control system must be able to manage the biocide dosing and to reach the following goals:
·      optimize the biocide dosing according to seasonal variation, external parameters and even to other unexpected variations in the sea water properties or in the cooling system configuration;
·      not exceed the limit of 0,2 ppm of free chorine at the sea water discharge;
·      optimize the biocide dosing in order to reduce the biocide annual consumption;
·      improve heat exchange performance of the condenser by eliminating biofouling;
·      reduce outages for cooling circuit cleaning, and
·      reduce as much as possible improperly dosage of biocide.
To reach these objectives the ADEX biocide dosing system will receive data from a series of monitoring devices installed by ENEL, for the growing of biofilm on the condenser, the free chlorine at sea water discharge and the chlorine concentration along the cooling circuit. These devices are distributed along the cooling water circuit to enhance the biocide strategy and to act promptly against events, such water quality variation, seasonal variation and others that may alter the dosage effectiveness.

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