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Test Beds for the Aircraft Industry

The ITP Control and Data Acquisition Group is currently using ADEX systems in the test beds that they design, manufacture and install for the certification of aircraft engines and systems. The operation of these test beds involves difficult control problems with lengthy technical solutions using the standard methods available in the industry. Typical examples are fatigue and deformation tests. The latter combines torsion, traction and twisting of components under evaluation, and the deformation has to be controlled with great efficiency and stability in order to guarantee the safety and precision of the test to avoid accidents and minimise the time required to carry out the tests which represents a considerable production cost.

Control and data acquisition applied for test

The ITP test department and the data acquisition group have described their activities in a brochure, the cover of which is attached. The use of ADEX controllers is mentioned in this brochure as explained in the following.

Heating of a motor axle under specific space temperature gradients

ADEX controllers optimize the heating process of a motor axle under specific space temperature gradients without the need for adjustment in spite of the non linearities and interactions involved in the process. The aim is to manipulate the electrical heaters required to maintain the axle at an adequate temperature during the test. The evolution of thermocouple readings and their set points can be seen in the diagrams as well as the control actions of ADEX on the electrical heaters. Perfect temperature control can be seen in the transition from ambient temperature to the set point.

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