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ADEX Toolkits

ADEX Toolkits allow users to better control their industrial processes by using industry-standard technologies for both pre-implementation simulation and actual process optimized control, by means of applying the ADEX control methodology. While our development engineers are continuously working on expanding the ADEX toolkit line-up, below you can read more about the Toolkit products currently available for ADEX clients.

ADEX Toolkits can also be used within the bounds of applied research work. Specifically, ADEX Toolkits provide course instructors with the opportunity to use an advanced control tool designed to be applied within two of the worlds most extended programming environments: MATLAB and LabVIEW. Click on one of the links provided below to learn more about specific ADEX Toolkits.

Some ADEX Toolkits are based on ADEXCOP 2.0 Compact Version, which consists of a set of dynamic link libraries (dlls) which allow for the configuration and execution of ADEX controllers. ADEXCOP 2.0 Compact Version is available for clients who want to integrate ADEX controllers into programming environments that allow for the use of dynamic link libraries. To obtain additional information about ADEXCOP 2.0 Compact Version, please contact us.

ADEX Toolkits

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