Case Study – Boosting the Flexibility of a Combined Cycle Power Plant​

The efforts supporting the energy transition are changing the power generation sector. The increase in penetration of intermittent renewable energy leads to new operating profiles with higher flexibility requirements for fossil power plants.


Improve the operational flexibility and performance that will enable the CCGT power plant to stay longer in the market or to return earlier.


The CCGT power plant chose ADEX Steam Temperature Optimizers for SH and RH, and ADEX Gas Heater Optimizer to improve the flexibility and performance of the plant.

  • 24% minimum load reduction
  • 60% ramp rate increase
  • 0,17% heat rate improvement
  • 1.200 t CO2 saved p.a. thanks to the efficiency
  • 170.000 t CO2 saved p.a. by the system thanks to the flexibilization increase
  • Thermal stress reduction and steam turbine lifetime improvement

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