ADEX Control System Optimization tools align gas-fired power plants to the new energy market model​

Energized AI for Natural Gas Power Plant Optimization

If we want to make Energy Transition to happen, then existing generation assets must operate differently. ADEX helps existing CCGT power plants to be more Flexible, more Efficient, and Cleaner in the new Industry context. Thus, they can be more dispatchable and enable Renewables integration in the mix.

And we do it using a new kind of Artificial Intelligence in the form of an add-on to the existing control system, which can bring:

Flexible operation and performance benefits for thermal power plant

What role will CCGT power plants play in the energy transition?

Coal phase-out plans, higher shares of intermittent renewable energy, and the pressure for decarbonizing the mix are leading CCGT power plants to new operating profiles. Energy transition plans need flexible operation of CCGT power plants. But, these requirements were not foreseen during the CCGT units installation. Hardware retrofits are too expensive and advanced control systems are not good enough to cope with this challenge.

ADEX Technology helps them to work flexibly and safely, and emit fewer CO2 to align with the new energy model. Take the lead and increase your dispatchability, while leaving more room for renewables.

ADEX Steam Attemperator Optimizer
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How much is load cycling impacting CCGT power plants equipment?

CCGT power plants are forced to operate in a flexible mode to keep being competitive. However, load cycling and frequent startups and shutdowns introduce unforeseen stresses that accelerate the wear and tear of the plant’s hardware and reduce its performance and life expectancy.

ADEX software solution helps CCGT power plants’ hardware to recover performance and increase flexibility, and all of this while minimizing the thermal stress and improving the plant reliability. As a result, critical equipment lifetime such as the steam turbine is extended and maintenance costs reduced.

ADEX Gas Heater Optimizer
ADEX Steam Attemperator Optimizer

How does your plant cope with the new minimum load and ramp rate requirements of the market?

Growing intermittent renewable energy resources are placing additional pressure on CCGT power plants to increase flexibility if they wish to be competitive in the mix. 

Reducing the minimum load point and improving ramping rates are the key dispatchability factors. These challenges are tough to achieve because they force the plant to work at unstable operation points.

ADEX Optimizers tackle these instability problems through its Self-tuning AI Controllers, making your plant competitive again.

ADEX Drum Level Optimizer
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The new energy market model is requesting power plants to operate more flexibly. This implies that plants must exit their current stable zones and move to new operating scenarios, closer to the constraints. These challenging and unsafe points of operation add risk, and reduce the lifetime of the equipment.

Until now, power plants were limited to solutions:

  • expensive hardware retrofits
  • Advanced Process Control systems, that do not fix the problem

ADEX Technology can help CCGT power plants to push the limits of their Operational Stable Zone, including the new optimal points. The limiting factors of your plant are surpassed so you can unleash the installed hardware’s full potential. Benefits are achieved by consistently pushing the process to the most profitable constraints.

Can your unit operational stable zone be extended?

ADEX products to improve Flexible Operation and Performance

ADEX Technology can be implemented in a power plant very easily. You can comission only one Optimizer or all together. Our Platform is an add-on to any existing control system. We do not need any additional I&C. Our Self-tuning Artificial Inteligence platform does not need any Big Data or Machine Learning system.

This is an Energized AI

Steam Attemperator Optimizer - ADEX
Steam Attemperator Optimizer

Eliminates Thermal Stress and increases efficiency

DRUM Level Optimizer - ADEX
Drum Level Optimizer

No risk on drum levels when cycling

Gas Heater Optimizer

Reduction of combustion dynamics and trip risk

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Energize your O&M with ADEX Self-tuning AI Platform

Once ADEX Platform is installed, you can extend its control capabilities to monitoring and advisory through our Plant Health Sensor and leverage on ADEX Self-tuning AI Controllers for the proactive detection of problems in your plant’s equipment.

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