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State of the Art in Evaporation and Crystallization

The automatic control of industrial processes that require an evaporation stage to obtain concentrated products, such as crystals or pulps, does not always offer optimum performance and generally suffers instability problems. These processes are carried out in crystallizers and evaporators, in which the liquid is evaporated by means of an energy input from blowers, turbochargers or boilers. The supersaturated liquid (salt magma) is extracted by the lower end of the crystallizers (leg of elutriation) and is processed by different equipment that finish to eliminate moisture.

By working with ADEX platform, crystallization plants enjoy incredible extra benefits

The ADEX Crystallization Optimizer system, based on Self-Tuning Artificial Intelligence, internationally patented by ADEX S.A., guides the evolution of critical process variables (pressure, level and density) to stabilize them at their optimal operating points.

For this, our Optimizer generates and applies optimized adaptive control actions to the crystallizer feed (level valve), to the energy supply (pressure valve) and to the product flow (density valve).

After its installation and commissioning, ADEX Crystallization Optimizer provides stability to the operation of the crystallize:

  • Prevents density oscillations and inefficiencies of subsequent drying processes.
  • Avoids abrupt pressure variations, increasing the useful life of the equipment.
  • Reduces variations in the different levels of the process.

Outcomes of implementing our Optimizer

  • Improvement of plant stability: Pressure: 60%, Level: 30%, Density: 25%
  • Increase in production by more than 5%.
  • Maximization of boiler steam savings greater than 35%.
  • Elimination of incidents due to crystal stone formation.

Real Case

We enclose a graph from a real customer where you can see the relevant improvement once the ADEX Platform is switched on.

Real case from Crystallization plant in Europe

Real case from Crystallization plant in Europe