Drum Level Optimizer

Enable Thermal Power Plants to change constantly their load without having physical restrictions with their Drum.

DRUM Level Optimizer - ADEX

Thermal Power Plants included in Energy Imbalance Markets are changing their load constantly due to the prioritization of Renewables. But most of them have been built several years ago when load was much more stable and physical design had different goals. Now Drum level management could be a big constraint to load changes, particularly with so many ramps and startups. This is one of the main causes to run a trip in the plant which has high economic impacts.

ADEX can optimize the control of the Drum level with no investments in additional hardware or I&C. Just with our add-on software, on top of your standard control system, we can stabilize the level of the drum and enable the plant to increase ramping rates to address the load setpoints much faster with no trip risks.

This optimization has a direct impact on income per MWh as power plant maximize the operating time and follows the Imbalance Market demands better and quicker.