ETN Global Life Assessment and Extension Working Group

On March 28-29, the 2023 Annual General Meeting of ETN Global was held at the Imperial College of London, with the common topic of “Ambitious but realistic paths to Net Zero”. It was a great physical event with a record of attendees.

ADEX has recently joined the ETN Global Association and the AGM was a great opportunity for networking with peers.

Among all the initiatives and collaborative opportunities that ETN brings to its members, ADEX is very interested in the Components Life Assessment & Extension Working Group. This is a new initiative focused on key parts of a power plant impacted by the increasing flexibility demands of the market, such as:

  • Rotor life time
  • Hot section component life
  • Integrity assessment of compressor parts

ADEX control drastically decreases the thermal damage on a power plant thanks to the stabilization and optimization of thermal processes, such as the steam attemperator loop.

We believe we can learn from peers and hopefully add some value to this Research.