European 3rd Round Table by TCS and ADEX

Presentation of the “Autonomous Power Plant” white paper and industry challenges debate

1st of March, 2023. Online

From 15:00 to 16:30 EDT (09:00 to 10:30 EST; 19:30 to 21:00 IST)

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  • Generation overcapacity in the Market allows System Operators to choose the best power source at any moment due to cost, sustainability, availability, and many other factors, creating fierce competition to be dispatched.
  • Europe embarked on accelerated energy transition plans where several power plants will be shut down. However, geopolitics, fuel prices, droughts, and a lack of enhanced flexibility in power plants are likely setting a new pace. As a reference, the Indian Government is ruling mandatory ramping rates and challenging current minimum technical loads to the power plants to ensure priority for renewables.
  • In this event, TCS and ADEX will present their joint “Autonomous Power Plant” white paper that collects ideas and proposals to support this transition. It will be followed by a Round Table where a panel of industry executives will debate the challenges thermal power plants face to play their new role in the European electricity markets.

"Autonomous Power Plant" white paper presentation

The electricity markets are demanding a different behavior from power plants, requiring more efficiency and flexibility to compete with or backup intermittent renewables. Plant owners know these new scenarios are simply not addressable with conventional control tools and that the profitability and delivery time of expensive hardware upgrades is putting them against the wall.
Can you imagine to fix those problems just with a SW approach and digital interventions? The “Autonomous Power Plant” is now an achievable concept. TCS and ADEX have jointly developed a white paper to understand the Autonomy journey and how the Technology can support your power plants to drive the new business and technical challenges.
Alakh Srivastava picture

Alakh Srivastava
Global Product Manager at TCS IP2

Alakh is the Global Product Manager of the TCS IP2 solution leveraging technologies such as Cloud, IoT, AI/ML and Digital Twins to catalyze disruptive innovation and operational excellence in the Utility industry. He holds an MBA by the Indian Institute of Management and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

He has a deep expertise in thermal power plants after working in different operational roles in Larsen & Toubro and particularly in Reliance, where he ended as Deputy GM in o

Round Table

“Is the challenge of merging energy transition, self-sufficiency & reasonable prices, a threat or an opportunity for hermal Power Plants?”

Gian Luca Noferi
Global Head of Gas Operations

Gian Luca is responsible for the operations of .

Previously he has held many roles at ENEL Group, including coal-fired power plants, risk and management and, in a previous period, the Renewables Business Unit back in the 2000s. Gian Luca is an advisor for the and he is the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee at the European Mutual Association for Nuclear Insurance.

He holds a Master Degree cum laude in Engineering

Marinus Tabak
Head of Central Asset Management
at RWE

Marinus is the Director of Central Asset Management at RWE where is working on solutions to achieve the target to be CO2-neutral by 2040.

He joined RWE at 2009, after completing his studies in Petroleum Technology & Management at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et de Moteurs in Paris (France), Business Administration at the University of Groningen and Energy Economics at the University of Oklahoma

He was plant manager of RWE power station in Eemshaven between 2017 and 2021. Petrochem Platform named him in 2019 as Plant Manager of the Year.

Christer Björkqvist picture

Christer Björkqvist
Managing Director
at ETN global

Previously, he was the General Manager of the Association of

Christer has a B.S. in

Dave Jones at EMBER

Dave Jones
Global Electricity Lead

Dave is the head of the at EMBER.

Before joining EMBER, he was analyst at Sandbag Climate Campaign, specialized in data-driven analysis on the global power sector.

Previously, he spent 13 years as Sr. Hedging Analyst at E.ON, where he

Dave has a B.S. in

Round Table Chair

Jose A. Martinez

M.S. in Industrial Engineering and MBA with a wide background in developing disruptive solutions at a global level. CEO of ADEX – an AI company for enabling Energy Transition, where he is particularly focused on the international expansion of the company and the partnership agreements.

Business Expert of the UE, and Business Angel at early-stage companies.

Previously, Jose was CEO of a strategic consultancy boutique and Sales VP at BT Global Services.