Flexible Operation on Thermal power plants

Flexible Operation on Thermal power plants - ADEX

Due to the growing deployment of intermittent renewables both coal-fired power plants and CCGT power plants are increasingly required to carry out an unprecedented amount of ramping to provide stability for the grid and ensure that demand is always met. However, applying state-of-the-art control methodologies to old power plants, designed to work on stable load and even close to full load, makes the result extremely inefficient. Thus, power plants are suffering negative settlements of imbalance tariffs.

Not only that, compliance of new Emissions regulations is struggling power plants and constant ups & downs of load are adding extra thermal stress and thermal fatigue not known ever before.

ADEX can help Power Plants to follow accurately the dispatch orders while increasing stability and performance. Our existing customers are enjoying of massive economic benefits in both upward and downward regulation environments.

ADEX Technology makes constant load changes smooth and within the bore metal temperature ranges, avoiding trips and minimizing thermal stress. Eluding only one issue here means a high return on investment.

We do enable Flexible Operation on Thermal Power Plants. We reduce the time for moving from ultra-minimum load and low temperature in the boiler to maximum load and back down again when requested, maximizing ramping rates for steam temperature and load without putting equipment on thermal risk.