Investment Opportunity

The new Context around electricity production


How many windmills are installed today in the World?

Less than 500,000 Windmills.

And we are adding 50,000 per year. 40% of them in China

Do you know how many additional windmills we would need to substitute all the Thermal Power produced in the World?

20 Million new windmills !!

Thus, Thermal Power Plants are going to stay with us for a long time whatever if we like it or not.

Then we must try to make those existing assets more efficient and less pollutant while they coexist with Renewable Energies.

We have to make power plants more flexible to maximize the use of Renewables in the electricity production. But they are thousands in the World, most of them are 20 years old or older, they were built to operate in stable load and current control technologies do not fix this requirement. Houston, we have a problem!

Hopefully, ADEX has a solution…

Company Briefing

ADEX is a cleantech company headquartered in Europe (Madrid) and USA (Cambridge, MA) and we commission systems worldwide.

We support Energy Transition making existing power plants cleaner, more flexible and more efficient, so enabling intermittent renewables integration in the mix.

And we do it with a new kind of AI.

The Technology is patented, fully developed and delivered in +70 plants internationally.

Management team is very seasoned and understand Industry gaps and opportunities.

Directors have raised +80 M€ in previous companies. They are supported by a professional Global Advisory Board.

We are addressing now a growth process through internationalization and license partnerships.

The problem

Energy Imbalance Markets are prioritizing renewables in the electricity mix. Thus, thousands of existing thermal plants have to operate differently to complete the demand and comply with emission levels.

Existing control solutions from incumbent vendors are not able to provide the extra required flexibility without adding high thermal liabilities.

Those assets which are not able to cycle more and faster are truly out of the Market so there is a real pain point for customers.

The solution

A Self-tuning Artificial Intelligence Platform commissioned in the power plant.

It boosts performance and increases economic outcomes, safety and reliability within industrial applications just with SW. It does not require additional investment on equipment or I&C

Results are impressive:
– double ramping rates
– 15% faster start-ups
– reduce +20% minimum load point
– eliminating thermal liabilities due to constant load cycling
– minimize CO2 and reduce up to 40% NOx and SOx emissions

Impressive improvement on Steam Temperature control with ADEX


There are many incumbent vendors with Advance Process Control such as GE, ABB or Emerson. However, all of them are using one piece in common: the PID controller, which is limiting the required increase in flexibility.

ADEX’s strategic advantage is a new controller based in unique Adaptive Predictive algorithms. Leveraging on their new capabilities, controller is embedded in a Self-Tuning Artificial Intelligence platform.

It is really an add-on to existing control system and it does not require any Big Data or Machine Learning system.

Business Model

The Business model is made of a one off (paying SW license and commissioning services) and some annual run rate (maintenance service and added value services)

We sell to Utilities and IPPs with thermal power plants (Natural Gas, Coal, biomass or Waste to Energy).

We sell both directly and through partners, typically big engineering companies.

We make money in each process of each unit of each power plant we optimize. As most of the service is paid as CAPEX, we have a good working capital.


We are scaling up the company and particularly addressing the US Market where our TAM is +1.5 bn€ and the Indian Market, where our TAM is +2 bn€.

Through partners, we are starting to address other big markets such as MEA, Brazil or China.

Even with all the international climate agreements, +65% of global electricity mix is still made through thermal power. There is an urgency to optimize those assets and make them more efficient and less pollutant.

Global Electricity Mix

Interested in investing in a proven technology and in a very promising company with a 4bn€ addressable market ahead?

We have an exit plan for you and an interesting RoI

So please, contact Jose A. Martinez through