ADEX can drastically improve the performance of a kiln in a cement plant through the optimization of the control at the cooler, the burner & feeder and the preheater.

Kiln - ADEX
Cooler, Kiln - ADEX


Applying our innovative control on the grate, providing savings of MWh of fans and savings on fuel due to secondary air.

Burner & Feeder

We bring savings on fuel, due to stability and efficiency of the burner and the feeder. If customers can sell extra production, ADEX can help them to increase additional production with the same cost.
Burner, Kiln - ADEX
Preheater, Kiln - ADEX


The Return on Investment of ADEX Technology application in a cement plant today is particularly high in the preheater or precalcinator. We get savings on primary fuel, due to higher stability. But we bring extra savings on primary fuel, due to increase of alternative secondary fuel (e.g. tires). Every ton of tires takes additional advantage: fuel does not have cost but and income through the gate fee on secondary fuel incineration.

ADEX addresses the challenge of unstable burning of tires and create a smooth combustion which enables the use of tires to substitute up to 60% of the primary fuel.