2021 Summer Intern Camp is back here!

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ADEX Summer Intern Camp is back here!

After the summer we will be hiring new resources and we give you now the opportunity to get some professional expertise, know us and let us know you. So you will have much more chances to be hired after the camp.

This year we are looking for two Jr. Data Engineers for Industrial Processes

The Company

ADEX is a CleanTech company specialized in optimizing the performance and sustainability of industrial processes. We have developed and patented a disruptive control technology that comes to life through our Self-tuning Artificial Intelligence platform.

This advance is the result of years of mathematical research, prior to the launch of the company in 2004. The technology was initially developed at MIT by the current president and founder of the company. Since then, ADEX has invested heavily in R&D and innovation, concluding in a family of patents and trade secrets that underpin the core of the technology.

ADEX allows optimal operation of plants in different industries. The company is proactively focusing on the energy, cement, water, and composites sectors. We achieve a further increase in production and, at the same time, a reduction in energy consumption and the raw material used in the process, which represents significant cost savings.

Climate change is opening up a great opportunity for ADEX. If we want the Energy Transition to take place, the existing thermal electricity generation assets must function differently. ADEX helps make existing power plants cleaner, more flexible and more efficient. Therefore, they can be more dispatchable and allow the integration of renewable energies in the electricity mix.
The future application of our technology in windmills will increase their energy absorption, increasing the electricity produced and reducing the need for other sources of generation.

The role

Our AI Self-tuning platform operates locally in the plant and in real time, without the need for internet connectivity and without the need to be trained with Machine Learning systems.

However, all the subsequent analysis of the historical data to monitor the health of the plant online and the a priori study of possible improvements, if it requires a massive data treatment and the obtaining of results that allow the control engineers to take the necessary steps. relevant measures.

Dozens or hundreds of variables of complex industrial processes are stored every second, generating huge amounts of data to be processed throughout the days.

The Jr. Data Engineer will be a fundamental piece for the improvement of our projects and for the development of new products.


  • Analysis of large amounts of data to extract numerical and graphical conclusions from them.
  • Python programming of scripts to generate alarms on databases
  • Automation of industrial process analysis
  • Generation of interfaces that allow the customization of tools and scripts to adapt them to specific situations in different plants
  • Support Control Engineers to find out issues and challenges from real customer data


  • Good academic record
  • Being in the last courses of the career or doing a postgraduate Master in Data Engineering, Electric Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Automatic Control Engineering, or similar
  • Advanced knowledge in Python
  • Advanced mathematical and statistical knowledge to obtain KPIs
  • Advanced Office user
  • Good level of English and Spanish

It is desirable:

  • Knowledge of LabView 7.1 or higher
  • Knowledge of the Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib libraries

Internship location

Due to the health situation with COVID-19, the internship will begin by teleworking and intensively using collaboration tools.

As soon as the situation permits, and depending on the new hybrid work model (office-telework), it will be necessary to join the Madrid office.


The candidate will receive continuous training in optimization of industrial processes.

Depending on the value of the candidate, Entry Level  Certification in the application of ADEX’s patented technology valued at € 1,250 will be offered free of charge.

You will also receive a monthly economic compensation for a 5-hour shift a day.


[Send us an eMail with your CV and your University grades]