Acciona Energia procures the services of ADEX to carry out optimised control at the 30 MW biomass plant in Sanguesa, Navarra

In News — September 26 2012

Acciona Energía aims to optimise the performance of the boiler in the Biomass plant at Sangüesa in order to maintain the maximum power available at all times. ADEX will deliver an optimised and precise control of the plant taking into account the progressive accumulation of ash in the superheaters and the economiser.

The objective of this project is to achieve the maximum power possible within the physical limits of the plant in a stable and continuous manner. Three different variables will be controlled. In the first instance, the live steam pressure will be controlled via the total air of combustion. Secondly, the oxygen pressure of the combustion gases and finally, the pressure drop in the boiler acting on the speed of the induced draft fan will be controlled.

As a result of this project, Acciona Energía will obtain significant improvements in the energy consumption of the plant. Taking into account the increase in production stability obtained from the ADEX optimised control system, the expected increase in production is estimated as 5MWh per day of operation.