ADEX and ENDESA collaborate to reduce emissions

In News — September 12 2017

After successful implementation of ADEX systems to control the combustion process in the three groups of the coal-fired power plant of Andorra (Teruel, Spain), resulting in a significant improvement of control precision for the power generated, the superheated steam pressure and the amount of oxygen in the combustion gases, a new project will take a further step towards optimisation of the groups with the aim of reducing NOx and CO emissions.

The distribution of pulverized coal, primary air and secondary air in the 24 boiler burners will be determined by an ADEX system that will optimize combustion in the different zones and minimize CO and NOx levels. The distribution of pulverized coal and secondary air in the burners of the boiler has been carried out manually so far, due to the dynamic complexity of the emission generation process, which also depends on the boiler load and the type of coal.