ADEX and Repsol YPF Collaborate in A Coruña

In News — May 15 2008

ADEX and Repsol YPF are again working together, this time in A Coruña (Spain), to optimize sulphur recovery efforts there, by applying ADEX to industrial control processes in the petrochemicals sector. This project, launched in May of 2008, follows the successful results obtained from a similar project rolled out at Repsol’s Puertollano (Spain) refinery.

During the refinery of crude oil, petrochemical companies such as Repsol YPF extract sulphur solids from the final refined product so as to greatly reduce atmospheric emissions and thereby improve local environmental conditions. In addition, optimized sulphur recovery has the benefits of improving plant operating efficiency and improving plant profitability. When sulphur recovery is optimized, larger volumes of sulphur solids are extracted which can then be sold on for use in the production of other industrial and consumer goods.

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