ADEX has been included in the multi-national FLEXI-BURN project

In News — November 4 2008

ADEX has been included in the multi-national FLEXI-BURN project (which includes Foster Wheeler, CIUDEN, Praxair, Endesa, PKE, VTT and Siemens Energy among others) for the development of high efficiency CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) technology with flexible air/ oxygen operation and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) for power plant.

The objective of the FLEXI-BURN project is to combine the already established CFB technology which permits high efficiency and flexible fuel choice (with various grades of coal and other fuels such as biomass) with dual operation (oxygen or air) to permit either CCS (in the case of O2) or air (if CCS is not available).

This project is thus designed to address future projections of large numbers of coal fired power plant to meet energy needs, while still meeting strict emissions targets.

This complex combination of processes and innovative technology will require precise, optimized control at the heart of the whole operation in order to deal with the great variations in process dynamics, maximise plant efficiency and achieve the emissions goals. ADEX Adaptive Predictive Control Expert technology has been selected for integration into all three phases of the project as a key, unique contributor to the success of the project.