ADEX highlighted the implication on energy savings of Optimised Adaptive Control applications at the Energy Conference in the Southern College of Mining Engineers

In News — November 25 2013

In the context of the Energy Technical Conference organized by the Southern College of Mining Engineers, under the title “ENERGY: ESSENTIAL ECONOMIC FACTOR IN OUR SOCIETY”, held November 16 in Seville, the Manager of the Projects Department of ADEX, Héctor Pastor, presented the implications on significant energy savings derived from the application of optimized adaptive control systems to several industrial processes.

In fact, optimized adaptive control maximizes the process performance and stabilizes its operation, in spite of the changes in the operating conditions and the process dynamics, which generally imply, among other benefits, significant energy savings.

During the third session of conference dealing with ”New Trends and Developments”, the results obtained in five different applications of optimized adaptive control were presented, i.e. a combined cycle, a coal-fired power plant, a composites production process, a clinker mill and a attemperation process for the production of chocolate. The results illustrated the energy savings in relation with the previous control system operation.