ADEX joins with INEUSTAR to participate in technical workshops in India

In News — October 15 2015

ADEX has joined the Spanish Association of Science in Industry. INEUSTAR is a private, non- profit- making association formed by Spanish companies and aimed at helping organisations dedicated to the conception, design, construction, exploitation and maintenance of scientific facilities and instruments, from any area, to contribute to scientific and technological advance and the promotion of innovation.

It operates throughout Spain, and its working philosophy is collaboration through networking between companies, research centres, universities and supporting organisations and institutions. The operating scope includes all those projects which relate to scientific facilities and programmes in any part of the world, and in particular those in which Spain makes a specific contribution.

ADEX will participate in those Technical Workshops in India which INEASTAR is organising with support from ICEX during the third week in November, mainly in Bangalore and Mumbai. ADEX has meetings planned in relation to materials, energy, and particle acceleration.