ADEX obtains the award of DESOX Group I and Combustion Group II in the Chilean plant of ENEL

In News — September 12 2018

ADEX S.A. takes another step in its international expansion process after winning the award of two projects at the ENEL plant in Bocamina, located near the Chilean town of Concepción. These two new projects will include the control of DESOX of group I and the control of the combustion of group II of the aforementioned plant.   In the emission control project, an ADEX system will determine the distribution of pulverized coal, primary and secondary air in the burners of the boiler, optimizing combustion in different zones and minimizing the levels of CO and NOx emitted. The automation of this process will mean a great advance for the plant since, at present, the distribution of pulverized coal and secondary air in the burners is done manually, due to the dynamic complexity of the emission generation process, which is also influenced by the load of the boiler and the type of coal.   In the combustion control project, an ADEX adaptive system will optimize the stability and performance of this in terms of pressure and power generated, fully automating its operation at both constant and variable loads. In the latter case, the ADEX system will allow to easily perform higher power shift ramps in response to demands from the Dispatch of random and unpredictable nature. These ramps practically duplicate in slope those that are viable with the current system available to the plant, based on the PID control methodology and in advanced strategies designed from the experience and professionalism of the plant personnel responsible for the instrumentation and control. On the other hand, the optimization achieved will also result in a reduction in CO and NOx emissions.