ADEX optimisation of steam temperature in Carboneras (ENDESA)

In News — June 11 2016

The implementation of ADEX control technology to superheated steam temperature control of Group 1 in the power station in Carboneras (Almeria) is yielding excellent results.

The continual changes in power demand in thermal power stations, together with the complexity of the steam attemperation process, makes steam temperature control one of the most challenging sub- systems in the operation of the plant. ADEX optimised adaptive control has successfully overcome the difficulties of improving superheated steam temperature control (around 40% reduction in control error). The increased stability has reduced fatigue in the equipment, and achieved an improvement in the energy performance of the group.

This project is framed inside the collaboration agreement between ADEX and ENEL which covers the implementation of ADEX technology to various generating areas of the group which is at the stage of optimising coal fired power plant. Following the success with superheated steam temperature control, ADEX will continue with implementing optimised control of the steam re-heat process.