“ADEX Optimized Adaptive Controllers and Systems” will be the title of the new book on ADEX technology that will be published in 2014 by Springer International

In News — January 23 2014

The prestigious editorial company Springer International Publishing AG will published in the first semester of 2014 a new book on ADEX technology under the title “ADEX Optimized Adaptive Controllers and Systems: From Research to Industrial Practice”, authored by Juan M. Martín Sánchez, President of ADEX S.L., and José Rodellar, Professor at the Technical University of Catalonia.

Comprising approximately 440 pages and including more than 130 illustrations, the book presents a history and explanation, almost chronological and didactical, of the developments and practical applications of predictive, adaptive predictive and optimized adaptive control from a perspective of stability, including the latest methodology of adaptive predictive expert (ADEX) control.

Following the didactic approach of previous ADEX books, the first part presents the conceptual and intuitive knowledge of the technology and derives the stability conditions in which the design of optimized adaptive controllers is based. Then, it presents the technological realization of this design, the supporting stability theory and the first industrial benchmark applications of these methodologies, focusing on practical implementation issues. The last part illustrates the use of ADEX platforms to the design and implementation of optimized adaptive control systems to three different control-challenging industrial plants.