ADEX to optimize the evaporation of black liquor in Perawang (Indonesia)

In News — April 11 2015

HPD Veolia and ADEX have reached agreement on the application of an optimised adaptive control system for the black liquor plant VE-14 at the INDAH KIAT Pulp and Paper plant in Perawang (Indonesia).

The plant has been designed to evaporate 1050 tonnes of water per hour. The plant comprises a process of six effects with five falling film evaporators in a first effect (one in washing) and two in a second effect (one redundant).

The objective of the project is to stabilize and improve the performance of the black liquor evaporation process. The ADEX optimized adaptive control system will be applied to the control of density, steam pressure, levels and flow rate of liquor as well as automating the washing sequences.