ADEX-UNED will host MYRTE 4th WP2 Meeting

In News — February 12 2017

ADEX and UNED will host the MYRTE 4th WP2 meeting (see ADEX News on June 2015) that will take place on March 27 & 28 at the School of Industrial Engineering of the National Open University (UNED) of Spain. The largest work package of MYRTE, WP2, is dedicated to the accelerator R&D for MYRRHA with a 5.3 M€ Budget. It pursues the research, design and development of the MYRRHA linac (linear accelerator) so as to prepare for its actual construction. In particular, WP2 will design, build and operate the first part of the MYRRHA linac injector in order to demonstrate, through such a relevant prototypical test platform, the actual feasibility of a complete ADS-type linear accelerator with unprecedentedly enhanced reliability levels. The WP2 outcome in terms of reliability and availability optimization should also bring substantial impact for all emerging and future accelerator projects featuring high power proton beams.

ADEX is responsible for the development and test of intelligent regulation in Task 2.5 of MYRTE “Control system development in a highly reliable accelerator context”. In the MYRRHA context, the essential role of the accelerator control system can hardly be overemphasized. In fact, the use of intelligent regulation loops (e.g. beam current control) will be compulsory for obtaining the required stability levels in terms of beam power and position on target. ADEX is a spin off from UNED School of Industrial Engineering and collaborates with this institution in a wide variety of research projects, such as those related with MYRRHA.