ADEX will complete the optimisation of the plant at SALINAS DE NAVARRA in Beriain

In News — December 12 2017

ADEX S.L continues its expansion in the field of process optimisation in the water industry through an agreement reached with Salinas de Navarra for the optimisation of plant A in Beriain. Salinas de Navarra has reaffirmed its confidence in ADEX following the successful implementation of an optimised adaptive control system in 2014. In this previous implementation, there was a considerable improvement in pressure control, density and level in the salt crystalliser and as a result, an increased volume of production.

With the new ADEX system, the stability of the main variables of plant A will be enhanced. Precise control of pressure and level of crystalliser will eliminate oscillations in these variables and maintain an optimal pressure, thereby maximising the efficiency of the salt production process and the useful life of the equipment. At the same time, the ADEX system will stabilise the density in the crystalliser, achieving a uniformity in concentration of the extracted salt. This will result in an increase in salt production in plant A of Salinas de Navarra, similar to that achieved in plant B.