ADEX will optimize the fuel injection process of industrial vehicles

In News — October 11 2016

ADEX and BEGAS Motor Engineering have signed an agreement to develop a system for optimizing the air/ fuel ratio for LPG and CNG (Liquid Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas) in Otto cycle industrial vehicle engines.

This system, baptised as SAIMO-GIB (ADEX system for Otto engine fuel injection – BEGAS integrated management) brings the advantages of ADEX control to the fuel mixing process. A solution will be devised capable of controlling the fuel / air ratio much more precisely than traditional control systems. The mix or air-fuel ratio is one of the most critical parameters for combustion in an engine. Slight variations in the values of the stoichiometric mix can have a significant effect on fuel consumption, and on toxic gas emissions (CO2 y NOx), the reduction of which are priority objectives both for industry and society.

SAIMO-GIB will reduce engine fuel consumption without penalising available power due to improved engine efficiency. At the same time, catalyser efficiency will be significantly improved by reducing their need due to reduced emissions, and reducing the time required for the catalytic process resulting in considerable economic savings.

In the context of the current European regulatory environment regarding emissions, SAIMO-GIB offers a unique response to the current requirements for the automation of industrial vehicles.