ADEX will present its Self-tuning AI for Power Plants in Buenos Aires

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A cost saving solution for gas power plants enabling Energy Transition

On the 22nd of June, CDTI (Spanish R&D Agency) and the Argentine Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Technology will organize the event “Argentina-Spain Innovation Dialogues on Digital Transformation Technologies, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Machine Learning”. The session will be held at the impressive Centro Cultural de la Ciencia in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The event is sponsored by CESSI (the Argentine Software Industry Chamber) and will collect some of the most innovative companies and Technological Centers of both countries around Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

ADEX will present its patented Self-tuning AI Control Technology with a special focus on supporting Energy Transition. ADEX helps existing power plants to be more flexible and efficient, leaving more room for renewables in the electricity mix.

The current Electricity profile of the country highly relies on gas power plants (see figure below), where ADEX has its sweet spot. Renewable Energy Sources are growing in the region and soon Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plants will be required to increase their flexibility and dispatchability. ADEX Control is just a SW add-on to the existing control system, that can reduce drastically the CAPEX to upgrade the plant instead of expensive HW retrofits which additionally require to stop the plant for a long period.

Our Global Sales VP, Michael “Miguel” Gillis, will be our speaker at the event. If you are around, do not hesitate to engage with him.

And if you want to attend the event, please you can register HERE.

Argentine Electricity Mix by source
Source: IEA