Cemex will instal an ADEX system at its Alcanar plant

In News — September 6 2015

CEMEX has contracted ADEX to supply, instal, configure and maintain an Optimised Adaptive Control system for an IKN grate cooler at its cement factory in Alcanar located in the Tarragona area. The plant at Alcanar has a grey clinker production capacity of 1,800,000 Tn/ year. It uses 3 KHD kilns, 3 raw mills and 3 cement mills.

The number 2 cement kiln can handle 2,300 t/day with a 5 stage pre-heater, without precalciner, and an IKN grate cooler where the ADEX system will be applied. The IKN grate cooler uses an initial fixed zone where, in the first instance, clinker emerging from the kiln will fall, and where a first stage fan will operate. In addition, there is a moving grate with five fans.

The optimised control of the cooler will stabilise the clinker layer on the grates and the air flow rates crossing them, thereby obtaining a larger recovery of energy from the secondary air which enters the kiln, and at the same time, a reduction of power consumption from the fans below the grate.