Chocolates Valor to apply ADEX to their production processes in 2011

In News — December 30 2010

The application of ADEX optimized control to the chocolate tempering process is aimed at maximizing quality in the production processes of Chocolates Valor, a leading chocolate manufacturer both nationally and internationally.

Tempering is one of the most important processes in the production of chocolate. A successful tempering process guarantees the satisfactory crystallisation of the cocoa butter fat contained in the chocolate. Tempering is a thermal treatment which consists first in heating followed by cooling of the chocolate down to the optimum crystallization temperature before final reheating to ambient temperature. In this process, precision to tenths of a degree C are necessary for determining the final product quality.

Excessive cooling of the chocolate will produce what is known as “fat bloom” where the chocolate appears grey and crumbling. On the other hand, if the chocolate is not cooled sufficiently, it will melt when touched by hand. Chocolate with the correct tempering will stay glossy and smooth for years.

ADEX control of the evolution of temperature during the tempering process will avoid both the “fat bloom” and low points in fusion of the chocolate. This will significantly reduce the number of rejects at the end of the chain, and optimize the product quality of Chocolates Valor, a company founded in 1881, the leading chocolate manufacturer in Spain, with a growing international presence.