Collaboration agreement between ADEX and HPD Process Engineering

In News — December 1 2014

On the 1st December, ADEX and HPD Process Engineering of the Veolia Group signed an agreement for the promotion and implementation of ADEX systems for evaporation, concentration and cristallisation processes in markets where HPD has already gained success in the development and application of its technologies.

These markets include paper pulp, (with applications such as concentration of black liquor and ash recovery), cristallisation of inorganic salts such as sodium and potassium chloride, fertilisers such as mono and diammonium phosphate. Other potential applications include processes within bio fuels, non ferrous mining and solid residues among others.

The agreement was preceded by a project to provide an optimised control system for the cristallisation of salt at the SALDOSA plant in Beriain (Navarra). The plant is designed to produce 112,000 tonnes of salt and operate 8,000 hours annually with an average production of 14 t/h. The raw material is the brine which comes from slag heaps of old salt mines at Beriain. The results of the project were excellent and succeeded in stabilising the plant operation and optimising its performance.