Collaboration Contract with ACCIONA AGUA

In News — October 27 2008

Acciona Agua and ADEX have signed an exclusive agreement for the provision of a unique solution for the optimization of the biological treatment of waste water, the treatment of potable water, and the optimization of desalination processes using ADEX’s Adaptive Predictive Expert Control technology.

Under this agreement, Acciona Agua, a major designer, constructor and operator of waste water treatment, potable water and de-salination plant world wide, will implement the system throughout all its operations and also offer the system to plant not under their operating control. This agreement was reached as a result of the recent outstanding success achieved by ADEX in ‘La Gavia’, a modern waste water treatment facility in Madrid. In spite of the modernity of the plant, the application of ADEX technology reduced energy consumption by an average of 27% by minimizing the use of blowers supplying oxygen to the process and at the same time, maximized the quality of treated water. This was achieved through the greatly enhanced control precision offered by ADEX which is able to adapt automatically to changes in dynamics in the waste water treatment process thereby stabilizing the operation of the plant. Acciona Agua plans to distribute the system throughout Spain and to several other countries overseas.