Completion of Torres Quevedo (PTQ09-02-01607) project financed by MINECO and the European Social Fund.

In News — September 24 2013

The research project awarded to ADEX S.L. within the framework of the Torres Quevedo Programme which started in September 2010 was completed with excellence last August. This project was financed by the Ministry of Economics and Competitivity and co-financed by structural funding from the European Union. The project was developed particularly within the Petrochemical sector and the main results obtained by the principal researcher Angelo Raimondi are as follows:

1. Identification of the various dynamics inside an atmospheric distillation column of crude oil, in a power plant, and in a steam network of a petrochemical plant. Developing corresponding control strategies and generating the know-how necessary for ADEX optimised adaptive control for these processes.

2. Introduction to the models, simulators and systems of ADEX S.L. in the OPENMODELICA environment used as an advanced tool for developing a dynamic simulation of the cooling system of the secondary transmutation reactor within the MYRRHA FP7 European project as part of a preliminary design carried out by the CDT (Central Design Team).

3. The implementation of an ADEX optimised adaptive control system in the refinery “Ing. Héctor R. Lara Sosa” (Cadereyta, Nuevo León, México) of PEMEX Refining at sulphur recovery plants 5 and 6, by integrating it within the local ABB control system.

4. Presentation of the doctoral thesis ”Multivariable Adaptive Predictive Control of Complex Plants: A Framework for Control System Design“, arising from the results of Angelo Raimondi’s work during the Torres Quevedo project and of the collaboration between ADEX and the Technological Centre in Monterrey, Mexico where his work was awarded the qualification of Excellence “Cum Laude”. The President of ADEX, Professor Juan Manuel Martin Sánchez, was co-director of this thesis together with Professor Antonio Favela of the Technological centre of Monterrey.