Fabrication of the Airbus-350 doors optimized by ADEX

In News — July 28 2015

ADEX will optimise the RTM control system for the A350XWB PAX DOR project in which the company “Internacional de Composites S.A.” (ICSA) will carry out the curing process for the parts making up the four doors of the new Airbus-350.

This system will include a pneumatic hot plate press of 400 Tn for the heating of the moulds used in the curing process. The heating process will be carried out with oil using a subsystem of attemperators and injection using a flow of resin which is controlled by pressure and vacuum.

“Resin Transfer Moulding” (RTM) is a type of curing process in which the moulds used for curing are pre-heated prior to injecting the resin into the mould. Once the mould temperature is stabilised, liquid resin is transferred from a hot tank to the inside of the moulds through differential pressure. With the moulds full of resin, the heating process is continued ensuring that the mould temperature follows a particular heating profile during the curing cycle.

The complex dynamic of the curing processes and the problems associated with their control is well known. ADEX optimisation enables the achievement of the required quality of parts, eliminating practically all rejects, a reduction in fabrication time, minimisation of energy costs and manual intervention, while opening the possibility of fabricating aeronautical components in series.