Finalisation of project ID-SACIR financed by CAM and the European Union

In News — January 11 2016

Last year, ADEX S.L. developed an “Adaptive System for Curing and Injecting Resin (ID-SACIR)” which enables the optimisation of composite material production processes for the aircraft industry, among others, where the materials will be in general use over the short and medium term. The Adaptive Predictive Expert Control System was demonstrated in a previous project called CDTI CENIT SINTONIA, and developed in the premises of Internacional de Composites S.A (ICSA). The project demonstrated an ability to achieve optimised adaptive control of the resin curing process, and eliminate non- conformities with respect to the established quality requirements. It is estimated that more than 4.8 million euros are spent solely on the Airbus A350 programme in Spain as a result of inspection and re-processing as a result of these non-conformities. The ID-SACIR project has developed a generic system which has revolutionised the production of composite materials, enabled the total automation of its processes, removed non conformities, guaranteed the optimal quality of the finished products and reduced the production cycle time.

The investment has reached €151,000 and has directly influenced production optimisation both in quantity and quality as well as energy savings in this industrial sector, both Spanish and Internationally. The Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM) has partly funded the development of this project with a grant of €37,504.46, financed in turn from the regional development funds of the European Union (FEDER).