First application of ADEX control to the simulation of the 700 MHz Cavity at the Institut de Physique Nucleaire (IPN) in Orsay

In News — December 23 2011

In the second week of December 2011, ADEX engineers, in conjunction with the IPN team of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), integrated ADEX controllers within the simulator of the 700 MHz cavity aimed at demonstrating the acceleration of a beam of protons to 600 MeV in the MYRRHA transmutation reactor.

The MAX (MYRRHA Accelerator eXperiment, research & development program) European Project is aimed at designing a proton accelerator for the transmutation of nuclear waste in accordance with the demands of industrial implementation. The most advanced technologies are a prime requirement.

ADEX control technology enables the attenuation of the effect of perturbations referred to as “microphonic” produced from random seismic noise or vibrations which deviate the natural electromagnetic resonance frequency from its optimum value resulting in the consumption of large amounts of energy needed to achieve the required electrical potential for the particle acceleration within the cavity.

The results and conclusions of this first experiment in Orsay will be presented in the next MAX project meeting in March 2012 in Madrid.