AEESD finances the ADEX Generic High-Performance System project

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ADEX-GHPS will enable the development of high-performance ADEX systems for the control of critical processes of the MYRRHA proton acceleratort Here

The Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda will finance the development of an ADEX Generic High-Performance System (ADEX-GHPS) within the * Acción Estratégica Economía y Sociedad Digital Convocatoria 1/2017 (AEESD) of the Ministry Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan. The project started last July and will last for two and a half years. The financing grant amounts to 633,247€.

ADEX-GHPS will enable the configuration and implementation of optimized control strategies to define high-performance ADEX (HP-ADEX) systems for the optimized adaptive intelligent control of complex dynamic processes which require control periods in microseconds. ADEX-GHPS will be applied to the critical processes of the MYRRHA proton accelerator to ensure reliable and optimized operation of the transmutation reactor designed to solve the problem of nuclear waste treatment.

ADEX-GHPS will enable ADEX S.L. to develop the intelligent control system of the proton accelerator for the MYRRHA 100MeV project, prelude to the accelerator of the MYRRHA, and also penetrate the incipient and promising market of particle accelerator intelligent control.

*  The Economic Strategy Action and Digital Society Call