GPG to improve performance & flexibility of their CCGT power plants with ADEX Technology

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Global Power Generation (GPG) is partnering with ADEX to benefit from the European cleantech’s patented Self-tuning AI technology at their gas power plants, challenged by the increasing rise in renewable capacity, more and more penalties for polluting emissions, and skyrocketing fuel costs.

ADEX offers the technology that Thermal Power Plants need now, permitting more flexible operations, enhanced efficiencies, and better asset health and life while being environmentally sustainable.

Global Power Generation (GPG), a joint venture between Naturgy Energy Group, SA (75%) and Kuwait Investment Authority (25%), is one of the most expert developers in the power industry, an innovative and sustainable multi-national energy group engaged in the generation, distribution and marketing of energy and energy services. Naturgy operates in over 20 countries and has approximately 16 million customers.

Through a Master Services Agreement signed with ADEX, GPG’s power generation fleet in Mexico and Puerto Rico (US) will increase their flexibility and dispatchability, while improving the reliability of the plants and reducing their emissions. These plants will be better prepared for today’s changing energy market, which is transitioning and prioritizing renewable energy plans, but still in need of existing generation assets, especially those that can operate differently, more flexibly, and efficiently.

CCGT power plants will still play a key role in enabling the transition for years to come. Higher shares of intermittent renewable energy and the pressure for decarbonizing the mix are forcing thermal power producers to new and challenging operating profiles.

The disruptive ADEX control technology enables more traditional generation assets to align to the new energy market model, and with a short commissioning time, can significantly increase their value. The ADEX control methodology was originally developed at MIT and surpasses existing control solutions based on fixed-parameter PIDs. ADEX’s multivariable controller, auto-adjusts in real-time to the changing dynamics of processes, stabilizing and optimizing closed-loop controls.

ADEX offers a catalog of key process Optimizers, integrated independently as SW add-ons to the existing DCS, and available through the ADEX Self-tuning AI Platform. Those Optimizers address the critical requirements of thermal plants looking for flexibility increases and performance improvements. In particular:

  • Reduce heat rate.
  • Reduce thermal stress and fatigue.
  • Improve reliability.
  • Shorten startup time.
  • Increase ramp rates and decrease the minimum load.

Thus, thermal power producers can be more dispatchable, enabling more room for renewables in the energy generation mix, and assuring a higher energy efficiency of the existing generation assets.

ADEX – the extra mile on Industrial Performance, striving to jointly make a more Sustainable World.