Horasis USA 2022 Event

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Jose A. Martinez, CEO of ADEX, will join Alexander von Welczeck (SkyH2O), Laura Hermann (Potentiary), Jan Siemons ( International Trade & Investment Center), Ananda Setiyo Ivannanto (), and Paul Browning (Fortescue Future Industries) to debate about the future of Energy costs.

Horasis’ summits have become some of the most influential high-level global gatherings which every year bring together governments, international organizations, and the business community to offer solutions to global challenges.

The search for the perpetual motion machine has been long: in looking for regenerative or renewable energy are we in danger of hunting the false perpetual? To liberate free energy, one has first to capture it – from solar panels, by building wind turbines or pumping water to a high level. When will governments fully publish the costs/benefits of a renewable process? Are they ever ‘free’? What are the full costs of all energy generation modes?

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