New ADEX system for the leading edges of the Airbus A-380

In News — March 11 2016

A new ADEX system which has recently been installed at Internacional de Composites, S.A. (ICSA) for the curing and injection of resin will enable the company to double annual production of the AIRBUS A-380 Leading Edges in the plant at Toledo.

This system includes a resin injection subsystem with automatic control of the flow towards the mould, and also includes temperature control of the resin in the tank, pressure control, and the degree of vacuum in the tank, control of the weight of resin delivered to the mould and the automatic gripper at the output of the resin.

In addition, the system includes adaptive control of the curing of the part in the mould, passing optimally through all of the stages of the process: Ramping up heat in vacuum, stabilisation for injection, ramping up the curing process, curing and cooling, maximising the rate of heating while avoiding overheating, minimising the cycle time, and ensuring that temperature is maintained evenly throughout the part.