Optimised Adaptive Control of the Biomass Boiler of LSOLE in Papelera de la Alquería

In News — September 22 2014

LSOLE and ADEX have reached agreement on the application of an optimised adaptive control system on the biomass boiler at the paper mill “Papelera de La Alquería” (Alicante).

The 20 MW thermal boiler is one of the largest in Spain for generating industrial process steam.

The objective of the agreement is the stabilisation and performance improvement of the biomass combustion process and of the boiler in general. The ADEX optimised adaptive control system will be applied to the steam supply valve which responds to the process demand for steam, the consumption of fuel and air in the boiler, the speed of the forced suction fan and the valve which controls the supply of water to the boiler to maintain its level.