Optimised Adaptive Control of the Salt Crystalisation plant at SALDOSA

In News — May 30 2014

HPD Veolia and ADEX have reached an agreement on the application of an optimised adaptive control system for the salt crystalisation plant at SALDOSA in Beriain (Navarra). 

The plant has been designed to produce 112,000 tons of salt per year working around 8,000 hours per year. The raw material is the brine which comes out of the waste materials from the old salt mines in Beriain.

The objective of the agreement is to stabilise and improve the performance of the salt crystalisation process. The ADEX optimised adaptive control system will be applied to the pressure in the heater, the level of the crystaliser, the density of the salt “magma” and the output of the crystalised product via a centrifugal pump.