Our CEO will present in Flex India 2023 by CII to address the biggest energy challenge

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The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the most important event in India about Flexibilization of Thermal Power Plants: “Flex India”.

The event is supported by EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) and ICSC (International Center for Sustainable Coal) and it will be held on the 13th and 14th of September at Hyderabad.

The event looks for establishing the benchmarking parameters on Flexibility

Chairman R Dinesh

Confederation of Indian Industry

ADEX will present its disruptive solutions to increase the flexibility and reliability of Thermal Power Plants, particularly in a so demanding context as the Indian Market.

Our CEO, Jose A. Martinez (a.k.a. “JAM”) will share the key advantages of our Self-tuning AI Control Technology when applied to coal-fired power plants. His pitch will start at 14:55 IST as per the snapshot aside:

Flex India 2023 Agenda with ADEX
ADEX is a Knowledge Partner of

India has a huge challenge to achieve a new mix of electricity where renewables are leading.

Currently, despite of the 170 TWh produced only with Wind and Solar, it means only a 9% of the total generation. This requires a huge effort to flexibilize the dispatchable assets, which are mostly coal-fired power plants. Flexibilization will leave more room for renewables in the mix and it will reduces the renewable curtailment. But Flexibility of Thermal Power Plants require upgrades or a new approach.

ADEX can reduce the cost and time of the adjustment and enable new dispatch orders for plants.

Evolution of Indian Electricity Mix