Project “MAX” successfully passed the evaluation phase of the CE

In News — June 30 2010

‘MAX’ provides ADEX optimized control of the particle accelerator for the transmutation reactors.

Transmutation reactors can reduce the half life of radioactive waste to reasonable time scales. The MAX investigation project (MYRRHA Accelerator eXperiment, research & development program), which has been proposed to the European Commission, has passed preliminary evaluations, and final approval is expected in October 2010. MAX aims to demonstrate that the reliability of the transmutation reactor particle accelerator can be enhanced to meet the demanding levels of industrial implementation using already available technology. The most advanced technologies are necessary to meet the complex technical requirements.

ADEX optimized control will be used to stabilize the proton beam operation by radio frequency, and the temperatures of the accelerator cryogenic modules. MAX aims to reduce the accelerator trips by a factor of 10 compared with other installations with similar performance and complexity. MAX will establish the elements of detailed design required to guarantee the technical viability of the proton accelerator for the MYRRHA, which will be the first transmutation reactor.