SERRA contracts ADEX for their Hot Forming machines

In News — February 20 2015

ADEX systems applied to the fabrication of aeronautical components and implemented by Internacional de Composites S.A. (ICSA) in 2014 have stimulated interest in SERRA who have chosen new ADEX systems for their machines. The first integration of an ADEX system for SERRA will be carried out in a Hot Forming machine to be supplied to AERNOVA at Illescas.

Hot Forming is a kind of curing process used for composite material production in the fabrication of some commonly used aeronautical and automobile components. The integration of ADEX systems will deliver the following benefits to SERRA:

 Desired component quality

Precise temperature and vacuum control will enable the ADEX system to guide these variable values along desired trajectories, stabilising them at their set points and minimising oscillations or deviations which would otherwise reduce the quality of the components leading to non conformities.

 Reduction in fabrication time

The design of desired trajectories for temperatures to follow will speed up the time required to reach their set points without oscillations or deviations. In this way, the curing cycle time can be cut, and production rate increased as a result.

 Minimisation of energy costs

Precise control of temperature will eliminate overshoots with respect to set points avoiding unnecessary energy use which along with increased production rate and reduced curing cycle will add to significant energy savings.