Success with the ACM in Cockenzie and the start of a new project with Scottish Power in Daldowie

In News — April 11 2011

The application of the ADEX Control Module (ACM) to superheated steam temperature control in Scottish Power’s coal fired power plant at Cockenzie has been successfully completed. The integration of the ACM with the Rockwell PLC of the plant was carried out without modifications to the architecture of the PLC, adding the optimized control strategy and the libraries necessary for managing the module containing the ADEX controllers.

This application has resulted in a reduction of more than 70% in the maximum deviation of superheated steam temperature during changes in load and a 75% reduction in the standard deviation of the oscillations under constant load resulting in an overall reduction in thermal stresses of pipework.

The achievement of the project objectives demonstrated the efficiency of the ACM in reaching this milestone in the field of power plant optimization.

Work has also started on the optimization of the waste water treatment plant at Daldowie, Glasgow, which also belongs to Scottish Power, using the same ACM technology to control the supply of oxygen to the biological process while minimising energy consumption.