The European Commission approves the ADEX Self-Tuning Flight Control System (AST-FCS) project.

In News — August 14 2014

On the 2nd August, the European Commission approved the project “ADAPTIVE SELF-TUNING FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM COMPLETE AND QUALIFIED” under the auspices of the H2020-SMEINST-1-2014 program.

This project involves continuing the development work already carried out within the CDTI project nº IDI-20091238 in which an Adaptive Self-Tuning Flight Control System (AST-FCS) was applied with excellent results to a high fidelity model of the UAS ATLANTE carried out by the Flight Dynamics & Control Laws Department of Airbus Military. ATLANTE is a heavy tactical, long range UAV which will be used by civil and military authorities for support to intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations.

The approval of this new project within the H2020 European program will enable the continued collaboration with EADS-CASA and GMV for the application of the AST-FCS to test bed and flight trials with the UAS ATLANTE. At the same time, a business plan will be produced for the commercial exploitation of this new technology to the aeronautical sector.